Fara Machine Jahan Gostar

Start of activity

In the summer of 1393, with the support of technical and scientific experiences accumulated during many years of activity in the field of mining, road construction, construction and municipal services, including trade and sales of machinery and after-sales service, support and Sales of spare parts, heavy transport related to machinery of Fara machine Jahan Gostar Company was established and started to work as one of the active companies under the technical and engineering group of Fara machine.

The initial purpose of establishing this company was to respond to the demand of active customers related to Fara machine Technical and Engineering Group regarding ancillary equipment and machine steering assistance. Internationally, Fara machine Jahan Gostar Company succeeded in obtaining sales and after-sales service representation from European companies as follows:

1- VEI Company of Italy - Weighing systems for loading or unloading of mining, road construction and service machinery - from the spring of 2016 until now.

2 - German company Beka - automatic and programmable lubrication systems, with electric or hydraulic or pneumatic generators for machines and continuous production systems such as the steel industry - from the summer of 2016 until now.

3- CATTINI Company of Italy - Lifting systems of mining machines and road construction for replacing wheel tires or repairs - from the fall of 2016 until now.

4- MECLUBE Company of Italy - pumps and devices for transferring lubricants and fluids pneumatically and measuring transfer volumes - from the spring of 2009 until now.

after sales services :
In order to provide after-sales services to the satisfaction of customers, the specialists and experts of Faramashin Jahan Gostar Company were sent to attend specialized technical training courses for design, installation and repairs as follows:

    A- Strategic training course on product recognition, system design, installation and commissioning, technical troubleshooting, repair of pumps and dividers and other requirements of Beka company in June 2017 in the factory of the company located in Pegnitz, Germany.

    B- The installation period of the new VEI system for one week in Piazza, Italy, along with receiving the technical experiences of the technicians of that company by conducting field visits to the machines with the VEI weighing system in northern Italy in June 2017.

   C- Training course with visiting the CATTINI factory while making production jacks and getting acquainted with the technical and scientific performance of the company's products in September 2017

   D- Introduction to new products of Beka company and re-transfer of technical experiences of that company in the field of after-sales service in July 1397

   F- Training course as well as a comprehensive visit to the production line of MECLUBE factory and acquaintance with how to make their products in Bondeno, Italy in September 2009

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