CEO's speech

A successful business cause to economic growth and so on peace in society. I’m glad to work where based on this belief and is trying to turn from mind to reality this sentence “sustainable wealth creation for the generation”.
Fara Machine Jahan Gostar in new economic space after consolidates its position, now thinking about transnational ideas and the company is trying to take the regional position.
I’m happy that in this way the company placed trusted managers and Fara Machine Jahan Gostar is responsible for the development of the capital market and financial service group.
Iran’s capital market has become a great country to accumulate a powerful economic institution in recent decades.
Iran’s capital market is young although it made recent decades. Most of today's tools and services and what companies and financial institutions and large investment in this market we are seeing, in recent years have emerged.
We’re in start position that had many chances and although many challenges. this company is trying to make a better quality for the market.

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