Air hydraulic Mammut jacks are engineered and manufactured to offer to all customers a solution that is safe and easy to use.

For this reason, they offer:

- extreme lightness, compactness and ease of movement
- remote control for safety operations
- folding handle
- wide range of models and capacities from 30 t to 150 t
- pneumatic tyres for easy operation on any surface

اطلاعات بیشتر:

Capacity 150 t
165.3 ton
Net weight 389 Kg
858 Kg
Working air pressure 10-12 bar
145-174 psi
Air consumption 600 nl/min 
Max stroke 554 mm
21.8 in
 Min. height mm 901 
35.5 in
Number of pistons 1
Pistons stroke 554 mm
21.8 in

برچسب ها: M100/72

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