BEKA develops and produces lubrication systems for each kind of industrial plant - from compact production machine up to large production lines.
This reduces not only wear and tear but also costs.

اطلاعات بیشتر:

BEKA single line system

The single line system is suitable for small and medium-sized machines like e.g. machine tools, weaving machines and textile machines.

BEKA multi line system

The multi line system is used for machines with a low number of lube points, like e.g. compressors, chain lubrication and presses.

BEKA progressive system

The progressive system can be monitored easily and is suitable e.g. for presses, punches and cranes.

BEKA dual line system

The dual line system supplies large plants with wide spread lubrication points, like e.g. timber yards or rolling mills.

BEKA oil circulating system

BEKA oil circulating systems are designed and produced individually on customer's demand.

BEKA gear pumps

BEKA produces a broad range of gear pumps and internal gear pumps.



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